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Gourmet Popcorn

Something special happens when lush Midwestern soil, pure water, fresh air, and golden sunshine come together. These natural elements work in harmony with our Black Jewell seeds to grow the best popcorns on the planet.

Leading Brand of Colorful Popcorn Kernels

Circa 1963 in the small Southern Illinois town of St. Francisville, Black Jewell Popcorn began growing and selling a unique and proprietary strain of black kernel popcorn. It pops snow white and virtually free of hulls. Those early customers who bought this newfangled Black Jewell Popcorn at their local market were surprised—the popcorn from these colorful kernels tasted better. It wasn’t long before Black Jewell Popcorn was not only growing and producing more popcorn in a variety of colors, but also gaining a large and loyal following of satisfied snacking customers.

Non-GMO, Whole Grain Goodness

Over the past fifty years, Black Jewell Popcorn has grown steadily from a company serving smaller rural farming communities, to one that harvests and offers a broad line of Black Jewell popcorns across America’s heartland. We are a family-owned company, and we’re passionate about and committed to the high quality of popcorns we provide our customers. We believe in the healthy 100% natural grain goodness of our Black Jewell popcorn, and that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to be a verified Non-GMO product.

Our Popcorn Heritage

As the Black Jewell Popcorn heritage embraces the next generation of popcorn lovers, you can rest assured that the pure, simple, and healthy goodness of our popcorns will always remain the same.