Imagine Roasted Turkey Gravy

Imagine Roasted Turkey Gravy


Imagine Roasted Turkey Gravy 13.5 oz

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Create agourmet-styleentrée in 10 minutes!

Our new organic culinary simmer sauces help you prepare delicious meals without all the fuss – just add your favorite protein. Try them tonight! And for the perfect complement to your meal, try our gravies in classic flavors.


Organic Imagine Roasted Turkey Gravy 13.5 oz

This rich and smooth gravy is sure to please. Bursting with real roasted turkey flavor, this hearty gravy is the perfect complement for your favorite turkey and chicken dishes or over mashed potatoes and side dishes.


filtered water, organic tapioca starch, organic turkey flavor (organic turkey flavor with organic gum arabic, sea salt, organic turkey fat, organic cane juice, organic caramel color, organic onion powder, organic soy lecithin, yeast extract, organic turmeric), organic turkey fat, sea salt, xanthan gum, natural flavor, organic spice, organic turkey flavor (organic turkey flavor, sea salt). contains: soy.