Why Hemp Matters: Reflecting on Hemp History Week

Join us in celebrating Hemp as the healthy, wholesome, plant-based food and body-care source that it is. Our featured hemp products: insert pictures and prices Hemp hearts / seeds: add them to your favorite foods (salads, smoothies, on top of yogurt) Send us your favorite recipes/pictures!  Hemp has been a part of the United States history for many years since the Europeans brought it over in the 1600’s. With deep roots in American culture, Hemp has many beneficial uses today.

Did you know that the Deceleration of Independence was drafted on Hemp paper?

 In the 1800’s Hemp was a staple crop, during WWII farmers were encouraged to grow hemp through a government-funded campaign called “Hemp for Victory.” Hemp was used for rope, cloth and many other products. Yet, with its history Hemp farming was banned in the 1970’s through the controlled sustenance act.

o Did you know that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams all grew hemp?

 Today Hemp is imported from Canada, Europe and China, despite the fact that we could grow it ourselves. Legalizing Hemp farming would provide us with many benefits:

o Innovation

 Can replace grapheme in batteries in electric cars, handheld devices, etc.

o Sustainability

 Energy efficient, non-toxic, pest/fire/mold resistant, carbon neutral.  Alternative to wood in paper production

o Economic Potential

 Ideally, locally processed within 100 miles of where it is farmed. Allowing it to be grown AND processed in the US would increase jobs Brings in 2.5X per acre more than corn and soy crops.

o Nutrition

 Hemp seed is delicious and nutritious, high in essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and highly digestible protein. Containing super omegas Stearidonic Acid (SDA) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and all nine Essential Amino Acids, hemp is mineral-rich, gluten-free, has no known allergens, and requires no petroleum-based chemicals to grow.

o Regenerative

 Heals the earth, remediates poor soil and as a rotation crops it breaks disease cycles. Due to the fact that it doesn’t require petroleum-based chemicals, it doesn’t contaminate the environment.

o It is NOT a drug

 Despite the fact that it is considered a Schedule I narcotic under the controlled substance act, it does not contain significant amounts of THC, additionally meaning you cannot get high from ingesting it.

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Anne Allis